IOOS extracts intelligence from data. We capture, filter and interpret data with integration of sensors and artificial intelligence. Intelligence which you can use to optimize your activities and security. Our solutions go beyond a customized sensor installation. We develop a system that unburdens you while granting the competitive edge by doing more with what is there.


Capture and processing system on an industrial level

Stora Enso Langerbrugge annually produces 540.000 tons of recycled newsprint and SC magazine paper based on 100% Paper for Recycling. Next to that it exploits two biomass-fueled power plants that provide all the process heat and more than 70% of the total electricity.
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Central, efficient inventory and personnel administration

Bloemenhal is a group of more than 25 flower shops spread over Flanders. All the shops have a similar floorplan and are staffed with over 70 employees. The managing director used to manage his employees during shop visits and from a central office.
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Drone detection in function of prison security

Prisons have always been trying to prevent detainees from obtaining weapons, drugs and other prohibited items within the prison walls. Drones however circumvent all security measurements taken within the perimeter of the prison.
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Store security, IT infrastructure, networks and telephony

iBike is a growing group of bicycle stores in Antwerp. Each shop distributes a large amount of quality brands and daily welcomes many customers looking for a new bicycle or coming by for a repair. The group has expanded a lot during the years.
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IOOS uses quality products
such as Avigilon, Axis, Dinec and Paxton for its solutions.


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